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Why NY and not just NYC would be a unique, interesting, and fun FO5 setting

To start, this should be a single player game. If Bethesda/Obsidian/MS can make it so I can play with 1 or 2 friends, I want that but understand it's not that simple.
So why it should be picked:
First, NY has an amazing history when it comes to Pre-Revolution, Revolution, the Civil War, and beyond. Major events like the battle at Saratoga (which is considered the turning point of the Revolution), the 1980 Miracle on Ice, and Woodstock (along with a whole lot more) all took place in upstate NY. So the rich history of the area is ripe for pro American stylizing and propaganda that gives FO it's unique take on American Atom-punk.
That along with more modern history of things like the Native Americans (The Oneidas) actually taking back their land and forming their own sovereign nation (basically they have their own gov. Pay no state taxes, and self govern with police, fire, and allow gambling which NY does not). So their modern government would not only be some great lore, but I honestly believe could be a basis for the main quest line. Things like their unique tribal leadership, philosophy, and gambling (hello 10 luck) could bring a very grey area to fallout that was kind of missed in FO3 + 4. Plus their mythology would make for a great weird scene that fallout has at least 1 of every game.
Also, for those who don't know, upstate NY is very country with major cities pocketed about. (Utica, Albany, Syracuse, etc). So if you liked NV style of wandering the wastes, or 3s style of city wandering, we've got both. Also, we've got two mountains areas, one in the Adirondacks and the Catskills are the other.
That said, one of the most important parts of fallout are the locations. Where can we go? For that I have a list:
Major locations:
Lake Placid Winter Olympics training facility - the winter olympics world be held in 2078 and if they still exist by then and to play into the game, LP could be the location of those games. Again, the miracle on ice where American Amateurs bested the Communist Russian Pros, was held there. The "Better dead than Red" sentiment would be full force. Not to mention one of a few great locations for a possible vault (80, in this case to house winter olympians). Plus, the weapons could be cool too. Hockey sticks, hockey skate blades on gloves, a goalie mask for armor, you name it.
Cooperstown Baseball HOF - Now when you think Americana, Baseball is one of your first thoughts, don't lie. Cooperstown is baseball central and very pretty. Another great place for pro-american styles and fun gear like baseball base mines, softball helmets (because fuck you "A League of Their Own" style pro-baseball league in FO sounds awesome), and of course bats and baseball grenades. Also a baseball Vault (Vault 4, 5, 7, or 9). Not my idea, but in this vault, there's 32 teams of mens and 32 teams of womens baseball (or coed teams, idk), all of whom are pro players. Vault tec test is simple, winner gets food and drinks, loser gets steroid infused food and drink (but they don't know it has steroids obviously). The idea is, test how good at baseball people can be if given monster amounts of steroids for generations. I'll make a separate post about this in detail if desired.
Canastota Boxing HOF - Another unique area for America. Canastota is pretty boring and empty, but for those of you old enough to remember Rocky when it came out, it basically revived Boxing as a major sport and also had a moment where America bested the Red Menace (Rocky IV). Maybe a spot for a vault or to learn unique unarmed moves. Pugilism Illustrated anyone?
Albany - NYs capital and an easy big city area along the Hudson. A great location for corporate greed, governmental corruption, and side quests. Can't say it'll be the focal point of the game since its very near the eastern border of it, but a good location for exploring and lore.
Buffalo/Niagara Falls - Ya ever gone over the falls in a barrel? Do ya want to? I think using Niagara Falls (which has an American and Canadian side, Canadas is the U-shaped famous one) as Fallouts first "Non-American" location would be fun. First, the falls are beautiful and are a major source of hydroelectric power. Second, in FO, America annexed canada, so it's technically still America! Third, right across the "border" are casinos! More gambling! Third and a half, it's another big city and buffalo is where the buffalo wing was invented (God bless buffalo wings). Besides the cool lore opportunity about the annexation and the city location, the falls could be a major location for the story if the main conflict was about powering the area, similar to NV.
Syracuse - NYs (literal) center city. The Salt City as it was formally known is a big city with some great old and new style. Again, not much about the city to say, but a great opportunity for corporate BS. The main attraction would be the Syracuse Dome (formerly the Carrier Dome). Due to its location and style, it's perfect as a central trading hub for the major cities and people. Think of Great Green Jewel style, people living, bars, shops, etc. BUT the really interesting part is what's right next to the Dome. SUNY ESF (Environmental Science and Forestry). This college is special because (A. I went there) it has very unique programs and with some future tech thrown in, could be a great location for a Fallout 3 Harold or NV vault 22-esq quest. The college already does experiments with major chemicals, evolution (FEV anyone?) and breeding plants for unique purposes. Again, I have a really cool idea for this area, but that can be a different post. Fun fact, ESF is actually working to bring back the North America Chestnut that went (nearly) extinct! Also, some asshole releases the fruit flies the genetics lab work with every year and it sucks.
NYC (Empire, 9/11 memorial, Statue of Liberty) - Yeah yeah, you can't have NY without the City, but frankly there's so much here to explore and deal with, I'd leave it to the pros to really do it justice.
Turning Stone Casino - Gambling, a hotel/restaurants like in NV, and a good spot for the main quest line.
Fort Stanwix - A real revolutionary war fort. HQ or major area for raiders. Safe, well protected and with plenty of history.
Fort Drum and Griffis Air Force Base: Two major bases that could be packed with guns, nukes, and power armor. Heavily guarded by turrets, robots, and security gates.
Main Quest:
Without too much detail, I figure your character will be hired to figure out the future of NY.
You'll be brought to the Turning Stone which is currently the HQ of the Oneida tribe. Your job would be to either work with the other tribes in the former Iroquois Confederation (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora [added later]). (Quick note: in my AU, some time after the bombs fell, the IC came to power because of their knowledge of living off the land and attempted to rebuild society. After some time rebuilding and establishing a post-war society, the tribes do the thing all humans do and bicker. Around 2200 the IC broke apart but the tribes retained power in their areas. They fight, trade, yadda yadda but no one is in control of everything.
Throughout your quest, it turns out that what is holding everyone back is a lack of power for things like lights and running water. Your job will be to determine where to get that power (Nuclear power plant in Oswego or the falls in Niagara?) And where to give it (one tribe? A few? Or all?). But that's not all, the tribes can't decide who should be in charge. One tribe wants to remain independent, don't help the outsiders and rebuild society in their image within NY, another wants to help others but would need to sacrifice their own people's safety and seclusion. Maybe another wants to be imperialist and expand their borders throughout America through way of force and fear while another agrees with taking land but wants it done through offers of protection for taxes. And each tribe has its own opinion on bringing the IC back together, staying separate, or taking over the tribes for themselves.
It's up to you character to decide who to help. Do you work hard to try and bring all tribes together under one banner or choose a side and execute their will as a paid mercenary/ambassador?
Other choices would be chaos by siding with raiders, or maybe a BOS path to take out all the tribes, idk, haven't thought it all out. Again, not a writer.
So personally, I like the idea that if you choose to go with a single faction, there would a battle/war mechanic where you and an army (or alone if you really wanna try) take over and lay claim to areas similar to Nuka World where you fly the gangs flag. Nothing complicated, normal fallout fights, don't die and kill the leadehis troops to win.
Karma is back. You will garner good or bad rep with each tribe depending on what you do. I'd like an armor system like in NV but I can live without it.
There is an ending. Once you beat the game you can continue doing side quests for armoexperience/ammo but only for the tribes left in power. Occasional rebellions will rise up as random events that need to be put down.
Settlements are limited. Like skyrim, but a plot and build. No need to build one everywhere and you don't even need to do it if you don't want to.
Radio host? Gimme a Mr. New Vegas type guy. I don't want an eccentric 3-dog, I want a smoothed voiced person wishing me lady like luck.
Also, smarter AI.
Otherwise, typical FO mechanics. Weapons degrade, can upgrade weapons and armor, etc.
Main problems with NY:
No real borders to the south. Invisible walls would like be necessary which is stupid. Same to the East, but the Hudson could theoretically be used as a border if you put crazy strong mirelurks or something to kill the player if they tried to cross (or more invisible walls)
Don't want to disrespect the tribes. This is an issue with using each tribe as a possible faction. You're bound to piss off or disrespect one. So it'll be a task to make sure it's as limited as possible.
What to do with the city? It's a huge area that can be used for so much, but as a part of NY it's actually pretty seperated. It's a commercial hub now, but there's nothing there that would really be a reason to go down there. So do you make it one or do we just make it a glowing sea type area that's completely decimated from the bombs? That's my personal choice honestly, but it's a tough one to please as many as possible.
Conclusion: NY is rad.
I'll be taking questions as long as they do not involve Canadian trivia. Thank you.
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The Ultimate Parlay: DraftKings ($DKNG)

The Ultimate Parlay: DraftKings ($DKNG)
Here on a Sunday night to give you autists some time to cross-check my info, start your RH instant deposit, and let your wife's bf know you're coming back with a vengeance. Here's an in-depth analysis on DraftKings and how to maximize profits over the foreseeable future to squeeze this for every tendie we can. Now that many states face revenue shortfalls due to the coronavirus pandemic and wider budget deficits, there needs to be a push to fill that gap and nothing is better positioned than sports betting.
As you all know, $DKNG came to market through a SPAC merging with Diamond Eagle back in April, at the worst of the pandemic when live sports were dead and there was more uncertainty than ever for what was to come. Jason Robins, Draft Kings CEO, has balls of steel and knew that they needed to get to market quickly for a sports betting run-up the likes of which we've never seen. Sports are now on their way back, with a huge amount of positive catalysts coming up in the next few months to skyrocket this stock to the moon and beyond.


I want to clarify that a large amount of my conviction from this play comes from the incredible management team leading the company. CEO Jason Robins is a stand-up guy and has led the company through a huge amount of scrutiny since its founding in 2012. He comes from a data analytics background which could not be a better fit for the sports betting business. He prioritizes the high speed data that fuels the DraftKings platform as its most valuable asset and speaks often on the commitment his team has to ethical values and encouraging a trustworthy environment for its users to gamble their paychecks on the DraftKings platform.
I've linked a great interview to get to know the CEO and give further insight into DraftKing's plans moving forward below and highly recommend anyone going in on this play give it a quick watch. Jason is optimistic about the future of state's legalizing mobile sports betting moving forward and says they will continue to invest boatloads of money into customer acquisition costs through TV ads and billboards on a state-by-state basis. Link: https://youtu.be/2OVFB9piEC0
Any of you who have come across DraftKings commercials, YouTube ads, billboards, know that their marketing is on point. This is a great play because DraftKing's expansion has occurred thus far on a state-by-state basis. This means that there's a large part of the nation (actually the majority) that is still ignorant to the sports betting wave that is coming in 2021. DraftKings is positioned extremely well to lead the way into the ~25 states still waiting to pass the bill.


The fact that the top 4 states in the country still have not legalized online sports betting presents a HUGE opportunity to ride this wave with little downside risk. Sports have already gone through the worst-case scenario during COVID shutdowns and survived—now we’ve got a great amount of positive catalysts coming up (NBA season, March madness, Super Bowl, etc.) that the general population is begging for some action on, paired with more money in their pocket from significantly less entertainment costs since the pandemic started.
The Wuhan Virus gave DraftKings a shot in the arm to streamline its way into most (if not all) of the remaining state's ballots during Q1 and Q2 due to the huge cut in tax revenues that the lockdowns caused across the country. Governor Cuomo of New York released a statement last week stating he is now considering the passing of mobile sports betting in order to raise the state's tax revenue during a time where Congress completely skipped them over in terms of providing aid through the stimmy. New York is a huge catalyst moving forward. In my opinion, this is a make or break for how things look for DraftKings moving forward, and will largely influence how other states react. Mobile sports betting scares states as it is new and so accessible, but if you do research into the Powerball and other loterry companies, it just took a push in the right direction for states to realize how much money they are leaving on the table by not participating in these emerging markets. Sports betting has already benefited the 9 states which passed the bill (NJ leading the way) and has NY as well as every other governor, feeling major FOMO.
Current states where online (mobile) sports betting laws have passed:
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Hampshire
  • Iowa
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Tennessee
Some of the reported revenues from sports betting:
New Jersey: $931.6 million
Pennsylvania: $491.9 million
Illinois: $434 million
Indiana: $250.8 million
Colorado: $231.2 million

On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court found the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the federal law prohibiting states from authorizing sports betting, to be unconstitutional. It is now up to individual states to decide if they want to authorize and regulate sports betting in their state. Congress can also take action on the authorization and regulation of sports betting but has so far left it up to individual states.
As you can see, states are cashing out on the mobile sports betting wave, with New Jersey leading the way and making a large part of that revenue from NY residents crossing state lines to get their gambling fix in. Gov. Cuomo has been opposed to legalizing sports betting in the past, calling it "a violation of the constitution"...buut that was before covid lockdowns and his state was drowning up to their neck in debt.
DraftKings management issued extremely bullish guidance without even taking into account new states passing legislation. This is one of the things that I love about CEO Jason Robins that stood out to me in the hours of interviews/articles I’ve looked over. This man is the pinnacle of underpromising and over delivering. The staff at Draft Kings are extremely customer centric and focused on strong ethics to help them provide a platform for sports aficionados to enhance their viewing experience.

Data-Driven/Proprietary Tech Stack (the MOAT)

Legislation aside, the other huge catalyst is DraftKing's unique approach to owning its own data and proprietary tech stack. I believe that this will be where DKNG separates itself from the competition that is rushing to this space and will give it the upper hand in acquiring, and retaining, a large percentage of new users across opening states.
From investor presentation: "Upon close of the business combination, DraftKings will become the only vertically-integrated pure-play sports betting and online gaming company based in the United States. Through the business combination, DraftKings expects to realize synergies by transitioning its risk and trading sports betting platform to SBTech’s, instead of relying on a third-party platform. In addition to reducing costs, DraftKings will control its backend system and product roadmap, differentiating the company from other U.S. operators and giving it the ability to tailor its sports betting product to U.S. sports and users."
"SBTech is a global leader in omni-channel sports betting and gaming, with more than 1,200 employees in 10 offices worldwide. Since 2007, the group has developed the industry’s most powerful online sports betting and casino platform, serving licensees in more than 15 regulated territories. SBTech’s clients include many of the world’s premier betting and gaming operators, state lotteries, land-based casinos, horse racing companies, and iGaming start-ups. The group supplies highly flexible betting and gaming solutions to clients looking for exceptional configurability and the quickest route to market, complemented by proven business intelligence and reporting capabilities. The SBTech offering includes its seamless sportsbook, Chameleon360 iGaming platform, managed services, on-property sportsbook and omni-channel solutions that provide players with constant access to sports and casino products across all online, mobile and retail channels. Supported by unrivaled expertise in trading and risk management, acquisition and CRM, and the highest standards of regulatory compliance, SBTech’s partners consistently achieve rapid growth, enhanced brand loyalty and record revenues."
DraftKings prioritized OWNING their own backend technology via this merger with SBTech, making them the first, and only company in this space to own their risk and trading platform. This gives DraftKings a huge edge to the rest of the market. It forked up the cash to keep everything in house not only to provide a better customer experience, but also to widen the moat against competitors as new states come onboard. The key here is to clarify that DraftKings and SBTech combined to be the only player in the market with 100% vertical integration and control of their own backend. Jason Robins and the rest of the management team are placing their efforts on having the best technology and the best product and really going all in on owning the U.S. landscape opening up, with as little need for cross-platform interaction as possible.
This acquisition of SBTech was a complete game changer because it allowed them to be independent from paying revenue share to a third-party for betting lines and risk management services.
Clarification: no other sports betting/fantasy sports/casino company currently has 100% vertical integration on the level that DraftKings has established.

iGaming Boom

This is where the market is missing the mark. Take the time to read over analyst reports, news articles, and interviews and you'll quickly notice 99% of the general market is completely glazing over DraftKing's iGaming sector. This industry has been a CA$H COW in Europe for awhile now, and is only getting started in the United States. Out of the companies that occupy this space, DraftKings is the only one to create one synergistic platform for Fantasy sports/Sportsbook/iGaming. This will be a huge value proposition that will ultimately rocket DraftKings to the top of the gaming market and solidify it as THE gaming powerhouse moving forward.

The infrastructure driving DraftKing's products and Tech (all in one platform)
Anyone that's watched the run of Skillz and the hype pushing PaySafe, knows how much anticipation there is for iGaming to become the new norm in the world of gambling. DraftKings has emerged as the market leader in each state they've launched in, and continue to gain more and more market share. Once new users get introduced to their platform, the cross-selling opportunity is limitless and creates an extremely sticky customer acquisition cycle.
Competitors like Penn and MGM are dinosaurs in this space and have been playing catch-up to DraftKings since 2012. The new age of gamblers don't want to drive to a physical casino location or buy a home desktop to gamble. Everything will be mobile and run in real-time. DraftKings has been building an incredible live-sports ecosystem (first to market) and innovates the possibilities of what you can bet on a daily basis. Just download the app for yourself and do some exploring. I believe this is going to boom in the TikTok/millennial crowd as more states start to hop onboard.

2021 Projections

Pulled from the investor presentation, $DKNG has smashed every one of their 2020 assumptions listed below. For any stats guys out there, I would love to see some models at how much of this market is still up for grabs. DraftKings has positioned themselves to be at the head of this movement, and I believe that 2021 will be the year we really see them take off into triple digits share prices.
The catalysts are there, and the market is ripe for the taking. Their projections are extremely conservative and management lets the numbers do the talking. In my opinion, this is a bet on the management putting the dots together to EXECUTE as state legislation starts to go their way, once NY happens this shift will occur rapidly.

The management is incredible and truly displays a vision for wanting to prop up shareholder value in the long-term through valuable data, a fully integrated platform, and aggressive customer acquisition to take control of this market as states realize the economic deficits which they are facing going into a new year. This along with the unprecedented hype that is going to be involved with sports events this year, will skyrocket DraftKings to new heights.
This is not a bet on sports betting alone, it is a play on a data-heavy and analytically driven behemoth, with strategic partnerships (league, team, and celebrity partnerships) and one of the most aggressive marketing strategies I have ever laid eyes on. The stock soared earlier this years upon news of the Michael Jordan partnership (https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/02/investing/draftkings-michael-jordan-deal/index.html) and there is many, many more big moves in the pipeline.


Long-term I am extremely bullish on people wanting risk to make up a daily part of their lives. The psychology of sports betting resembles that of the lottery and is becoming a must-have for people to have the choice to place bets from the convenience of their mobile phones. We are moving into a future where if risk and leverage are not involved, people will have little interest in dedicating their time to things. This shift can be seen with the boom in retail options trading (shoutout wsb gang) and will have a similar effect in sports, iGaming, and random prop bets/surveys that Draft Kings is innovating heavily in. This is not to mention the infrastructure that DKNG is continuing to build out to rival that of Europe in terms of live sports betting (which makes up three quarters of revenue for online sports books in the UK) and expanding their horizons to lesser betted on sports such as tennis, golf, soccer, etc.
If you've gotten this far, congrats you're just a few steps away from striking gold. Any feedback, comments, rebuttals, bear scenarios, etc. please comment. Good luck.


$70c 1/21/22
$90c 1/20/23
🚀🚀🚀 Bet at your own risk 🚀🚀🚀


DraftKings has state legislation action coming, incredible management, is data-driven, is vertically integrated/owns its tech stack, has exposure to the full range of new world gaming (Fantasy/Sportsbook/iGaming), and is ahead of its competition forming league, team, and celebrity partnerships.
$70c 1/21/22
$90c 1/20/23

Sources (do your own DD dumbass)

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Gov. Gina Raimondo COVID-19 Press Conference: 11/19/2020, 1:00 pm

Watch Here
WJAR Stream if issues with link above or WPRI
Gov. Raimondo is expected to announce new restrictions for high schools (announced by WPRI and WJAR last night) as well as discuss Thanksgiving.
Self-promotion: Yesterday I started graphing data in a few other threads. It's really ugly right now and far from finished (I'll make a separate post on this sub when it's done) but I did start a GitHub site to view the graphs

11/19/2020 Data

RIDOH Dashboard

Gov. Gina Raimondo



New Restrictions

Intro - Rationale

Path from now to end of the year

Current restrictions will be extended until the Sunday after Thanksgiving with two exceptions, effective immediately:


Beginning 11/30 - "RI on Pause"



Completely Closed

Stimulus grants announced next week for affected businesses

Comments on "pause"

Improvements to testing

Question Highlights

Q: CDC saying that in-person learning is dangerous (I'm glad someone asked)
A: "I believe that question is a mis-characterization of the data" - referencing Dr. Jha She sounds MAD about this question "we could argue about the risk, but children will suffer irreparable lifelong harm not being in school" She is trusting HS students to follow rules and "districts should keep kids in school if they can"
Q: "Wasn't the idea with PPE/testing that we wouldn't have to go back? What happened?"
A: "It turns out people don't follow rules very well when we have to do it for so long"
Q: What is the goal in terms of ease of scheduling/getting test results and do we need to scale back asymptomatic testing?
A: It isn't a perfect system (waiting to get tested) but we are working to fix it. "It's hard for me to believe you can't get a test at all" Personal note: I'm currently trying to get tested (possible exposure at work even though I have no symptoms) and I had to go online to CVS at 3:00 in the morning to get an appointment 3 days later
Q: Isn't distance learning with a teacher better than in-person with a substitute? Is there a percentage (like NY) where we would switch to full distance?
A: High schoolers work better with distance learning but younger kids really struggle. NY: We do not use a single metric to determine whether to shut down - "as long as schools can keep the environment safe" we will keep them open.
Q: Thoughts on a possible 4-6 week lockdown or advisory to governors to do so under President Biden?
A: "If congress would do their jobs" and send an appropriate stimulus, we could discuss a lockdown in RI
Q: Why is Twin River open until 11/30?
A: "If I could shut everything down immediately I would do that" but there is a need to be practical (restaurants who have increased inventory for next week will still be able to use it)
Q: Crisis standards of care?
A (Dr. Scott): Principles to help hospitals make difficult ethical decisions about care - we do NOT want to get here. (Gina): We cannot staff that many beds - patients may have medical students as nurses or not get checked on at all. We may have to "shut off" non-COVID procedures
Q: Nursing home staffing (can people volunteer to bathe their family members, etc)?
A: "Caregiver exemption" is in the works (allowing family to get certified to give care similar to CNA)
Q: Is RI still independently validating vaccine data despite Pfizer pilot program?
A: Yes.
Q: Will you get vaccinated?
A: I will not be first in line (not necessary), but yes.
My apologies, I missed a few questions
Q: General assembly?
A: They will need to meet before 12/31 to pass a 2021 budget - a space is being set up at the Vets to allow a safe in-person meeting or they may choose to do so virtually
Q: HS sports?
A: Winter season cannot start until January - no practices at all during pause

End of conference (2:25pm)

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[FIGHT THREAD] Jermell Charlo vs Jeison Rosario, Jermall Charlo vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Luis Nery vs Aaron Alameda, Brandon Figueroa vs Damien Vazquez, Danny Roman vs Juan Carlos Payano, John Riel Casimero vs Duke Micah + live round-by-round coverage

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM ET, 12:00 AM BT
Location: Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, Connecticut
Television: Showtime PPV (US)
Stream: Showtime (US) Fite TV (Non-US)

Jermell Charlo vs Jeison Rosario

12 rounds

WBC world super welterweight title

IBF world super welterweight title

WBA super world super welterweight title

Charlo vs Rosario
33-1 (17 KOs) vs 20-1-1 (14 KOs)
30 age 25
153.8 lbs weight 153.4
5'11" height 5'11"
73" reach 70"
orthodox stance orthodox
Houston, TX 🇺🇸 hometown Santo Domingo, DR 🇩🇴
4-1 (3 KOs) last 5 5-0 (3 KOs)
-500 moneyline +350

Luis Nery vs Aaron Alameda

12 rounds

vacant WBC world super bantamweight title

Nery vs Alameda
30-0 (24 KOs) record 25-0 (13 KOs)
25 age 27
121.4 lbs weight 121.6 lbs
5'6" height 5'6"
66 1/2" reach 67"
southpaw stance southpaw
Tijuana, MX 🇲🇽 hometown Nogales, MX 🇲🇽
5-0 (5 KOs) last 5 5-0 (3 KOs)
-2500 moneyline +1000

Danny Roman vs Juan Carlos Payano

12 rounds

eliminator for WBC super bantamweight

Roman vs Payano
27-3-1 (10 KOs) record 21-3 (9 KOs)
30 age 36
121.2 lbs weight 121.6 lbs
5'5" height 5'5"
68" reach 64 1/2"
orthodox stance southpaw
Los Angeles, CA 🇺🇸 hometown La Vega, DR 🇩🇴
4-1 (1 KO) 3-2 (0 KOs)
-2000 moneyline +900

Jermall Charlo vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko

12 rounds

WBC world middleweight title

Charlo vs Derevyanchenko
30-0 (22 KOs) record 13-2 (10 KOs)
30 age 34
159.8 lbs weight 159.4 lbs
6'0" height 5'9"
73 1/2" reach 67 1/2
orthodox stance orthodox
Houston, TX 🇺🇸 hometown Brooklyn, NY 🇺🇦
5-0 (2 KOs) last 5 3-2 (2 KOs)
-225 moneyline +175

Brandon Figueroa vs Damien Vazquez

12 rounds

WBA world super bantamweight title

Figueroa vs Vazquez
20-0-1 (15 KOs) record 15-1-1 (8 KOs)
23 age 23
122 lbs weight 121.4 lbs
5'9" height 5'5"
72" reach
orthodox stance southpaw
Weslaco, TX 🇺🇸 hometown Thornton, CO 🇺🇸
4-0-1 (4 KOs) last 5 3-1-1 (2 KOs)
-5000 moneyline +1400

John Riel Casimero vs Duke Micah

12 rounds

WBO world bantamweight title

Casimero vs Micah
29-4 (20 KOs) record 24-0 (19 KOs)
31 age 29
117.8 lbs weight 117.2 lbs
5'4" height 5'7"
64" reach
orthodox stance
Ormoc City, PHI 🇵🇭 hometown Accra, GHA 🇬🇭
5-0 (5 KOs) last 5 5-0 (2 KOs)
-1200 moneyline +700

Live round-by-round coverage

Jermell Charlo vs Jeison Rosario

Round 1

Charlo starts with a body jab. Rosario looks to be the bigger of the two. Very wide back. Charlo hard right to the body. Rosario measuring with his jab. Rosario down from a left hook to the temple. Charlo missed a big looping right and Rosario tried to coutner big and he ate a shot. Rosario not bothered, he's back putting pressure on Charlo. Hard body shot from Rosario. Charlo looks a little wild with his power shots. He's definitely looking to make a statement. Charlo with a quick pair of hooks.

Charlo 10-8

Round 2

Rosario lands a good jab. Both guys trade jabs. Heavy leather from both of these guys even with the jabs. Charlo lands a hard jab. Good left to the body, left upstairs for Charlo. Rosario nice pair of body shots. Charlo with a pair of nice hooks upstairs. Rosario nice right hand. Charlo looks like he is feeling that one. Uppercut from Rosario. Rosario ramping up the pace.

Rosario 10-9, 19-18 Charlo

Round 3

Charlo jab to the body. Rosario jabs. Charlo slowing his workrate. Charlo tying up Rosario when he gets on the inside, not letting him work. Charlo scores with his jab. Rosario stalking, Charlo pops him with the jab. Rosario with a right and Charlo ties up. Charlo showing off some head movement. Rosario blocking very well.

Rosario 10-9, 28-28

Round 4

Charlo pumping the jab. Both guys miss big right hands. Rosario with a pair of body shots. Charlo doing a lot of waiting and not letting his hands go. Rosario's right blocked. Charlo jab but he eats one. Rosario short little right. Charlo with a looping left hook. Rosario trying to cut the ring off on Charlo. Big left from Charlo and Rosario lands a right. Jab from Charlo. Very close round. Charlo effective with his jab and defending from Rosario. Rosario pressured but wasn't able to land much that stood out.

Charlo 10-9 (swing), 38-37 Charlo

Round 5

Rosario nice jab and right sneaks in. Charlo left to the body. Charlo boxing off the back foot. He lands a very clean left hook. Jab scores for Rosario. 1-2 from Charlo. Rosario has to jump back. Rosario pops him with the jab. Another left hook counter from Charlo. Charlo eats a jab. Charlo starting to fall into a rhythm with his counter punching. Another close round.

Charlo 10-9 (swing), 48-46 Charlo

Round 6

Good counter left from Charlo. Rosario came out aggressive and Charlo turned and countered. Charlo double jab. Rosario good jab. Rosario with yet another low blow. Hard jab from Charlo. Jab from Rosario connects. Charlo circling the ring. Hard right from Charlo, Rosario may have hurt Charlo as Charlo held. Good body work from Rosario. Charlo straighrt right. These guys throwing big shots and missing. Big left from Charlo and down goes Rosario to a knee. Rosario looks hurt. He'll be saved by the bell. Bad timing as Rosario was having a great round.

Charlo 10-8, 58-54 Charlo

Round 7

Rosario comes out and continues to put the pressure. Rosario with a high guard. Charlo staying disciplined comes out and works his jab. They trade jabs. Rosario high guard walking forward. Again they trade jabs. Charlo looping right. Charlo jabs then goes to the body. Charlo jabs.

Charlo 10-9, 68-63 Charlo

Round 8

A jab to the chin and body and down goes Rosario. He's down and he can't make the count. Jermell Charlo with a brutal body shot knockout!

Official Ruling: Jermell Charlo by KO8

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DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) - Deep Dive Research

Hi everyone! I am working non-stop provide the best research and analysis regarding DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG). I originally posted my overall investment thesis on the company a few weeks back and now I am breaking down and analyzing the latest news and developments regarding DKNG! And no, it is not the ticker symbol for Donkey Kong.
DraftKings in my opinion, is the best pure play investment if you want some exposure to the sports betting, iGaming, and daily fantasy sports space. They're founder led (3 founders to be exact) and they're invested into the company themselves right alongside all of us shareholders or potential shareholders.
Within the last week, there has been some exciting developments regarding DraftKings. I will share them below:
DK Gift Cards Are Live! You can buy a DK gift card as a stocking stuffer for Christmas if you want.
I’m really excited to hear this news. It’s only going to increase the brand awareness of DK and that’s what we want. According to the press release on DK’s investor relations website, they’ve partnered with InComm Payments to facilitate the launching of the gift cards. InComm payments is a global leading payments technology company that has a network of retailers that DK will be able to leverage through this partnership. Convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Speedway and Dollar General are just some of the many convenience stores in Incomm Payments’ network that DK will be able to leverage. For now, the gift cards will be offered in $50 and $25 denominations.
The great thing about this to me is that they’ve beat their competitors to this. That shows managements initiative and ability to get things done which I complimented when I first picked this company. As of right now, you’re not going to be seeing any “FanDuel” (boo FanDuel *thumbs down emoji*) gift cards in the stores. Tim Richardson, the Senior Vice President at InComm Payments was quoted as saying “DraftKings will benefit from having its brand present in tens of thousands of Incomm Payments’ retail partner locations across the US”. Overall, good news for DK.
New York State – Getting desperate? Do they need some online sports gambling revenue?
I want to make this clear before I write about this topic – sports betting is already legal in New York state. The problem is, it’s only legal in brick and mortar (retail) locations. Just under a dozen upstate casinos can operate brick and mortar sports books at the moment. In typical DK fashion, they’re already active in a casino in New York State. DK offers in person brick and mortar sports betting through the Del Lago Resort Casino in Waterloo, NY. My news update I’m sharing is that it appears New York state might be considering expanding to online sports betting too due to a budget shortfall they’re experiencing (they need more tax revenue).
This news came out on Wednesday, 12/16/20 during the day time. Governor Cuomo had a press conference during the day. The press conference was primarily focused on giving an update on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York state. During the presser, the topic of New York state’s budget shortfalls came up. As a possible financial solution, Cuomo said “Are there other ways to get revenue? How about marijuana? How about sports betting?” He’s referring to the possible tax revenue that could be collected if sports betting offerings were expanded beyond just the brick and mortar offerings. What if every New Yorker could place a sports wager from the comfort of their own home on their cell phone?
The battle for legalizing online sports gambling in New York has been going on for years. Governor Cuomo has always been opposed to it. One of the reasons Gov. Cuomo has cited in the past is that he thinks a constitutional amendment would need to be made to New York state law to allow for mobile sports betting in the state. However, one state representative from New York that has been pushing hard for online sports gambling begs to differ. In response to Cuomo’s comments in the presser earlier that day, State Senator Joseph Addabbo said that there would be no constitutional problem with mobile sports betting because the servers could be placed on site of grandfathered in physical casinos. Addabo said that New York state’s need for revenue is “real and immediate”
This is a situation to keep a close eye on. The impacts of legalizing mobile sports betting in NY would be substantial for DK as it would open the population of 20 million people in NY state the opportunity to place wagers on the DK Sportsbook app through the comfort of their home. I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult for DK to mobilize once they get the green light for mobile betting as they already have the standing relationship with Del Lago Resort Casino for in person betting.
The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) granted DK a provisional license to conduct online gaming and sports betting in the state of Michigan
For this update I also want to be clear – retail (brick and mortar) and mobile sports betting are already legal in the state of Michigan. It’s just that there’s a lot of yellow tape for Sportsbooks like DK to navigate within a state even after sports betting has become legalized. This provisional license provided by the MGCB was provided to DK and 14 other sportsbooks (including rival FanDuel) on Thursday, December 10th last week.
Now there are just a few more regulatory requirements that DK has to meet in the state of Michigan before they can go live. According to http://www.michigan.gov, “Before launch happens, the platform providers must complete additional regulatory requirements including independent testing of platforms and games and MGCB approval of their internal controls, which ensure gaming integrity. The firms also must secure occupational licenses for certain employees.” You can read the full article on Michigan’s government website here.
Knowing that DK has a knack for being quick to mobilize once they’re given opportunities in respective states, I fully expect them to pass these last few tests with flying colors. The DK Sportsbook app has already been available in the state of Michigan for “free to enter” games. Once they pass the last few requirements, actual wagers will be allowed to be placed. And money will be allowed to be made!
Another promising sign coming out of the state of Michigan, is that on November 30th, 2020, DK became an official sports betting partner of the Detroit Pistons, the NBA basketball team in Michigan. DK Chief Business Officer, Ezra Kucharz, was on the record after the deal closed saying “As our first professional team activation in the state of Michigan, we are thrilled to join forces with the Detroit Pistons ahead of our pending market introduction”. In my opinion, I anticipate we’ll be seeing DK online sports betting in Michigan some time in early 2021.
This concludes my update and analysis on DraftKings.
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Strategies for storing and laundering money to (try and) stay under the R* radar. [PSA]

There's no guaranteed method of not getting caught. You run risk no matter what. Just hoping this might reduce the risk and avoid wipes.
Please dump any other good ideas you have for stashing money made through glitches.
As a wise man once said; I’m pullin’ for ya, we’re all in this together.
General Tips - What we know
Other Resources
I just stopped garage glitches for good and this was my strategy:
  1. Glitch up to $15 mil MAX at a time. I never go having $15 mil cash in my bank account at a time.
  2. Spend that money down all the way on buying weapons, research, upgrading business etc.
  3. Now that I have all the vehicles and weapons I want, I just wrapped up moving all my businesses downtown to the best locations and fully upgraded them.
  4. I glitched a while longer and dumped my money into a few Deluxos.
  5. I replaced the garages I used for the glitch with two nice houses around the map.
  6. I spent down 100% of the money made by the garage glitch and used my arcade and casino safe and ran a nightclub delivery to put only legit money in my bank.
  7. Now my bank account sits at under $100k. With the few dozen Issi’s I have left from the vehicle dupe, that leaves me with all the stuff I want plus over $50 million left to keep enjoying the game.
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COVID-19/Coronavirus Thread

Trying to aggregate COVID-19 news into one resource. Share news stories and updates and we'll add them to the list. Comments have been set to sort by New for the foreseeable future (updated 4/24, 08:50):
COVID-19 Cases confirmed
Spreadsheet of resources:
Business Closings:
Colleges moving online:
Schools affected:
All Monroe County public schools are closed until further notice
Private schools:
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Sleep Doctors Brooklyn

Address: 1117 Brighton Beach Ave 2nd, Second Floor Suite 2E, 11235
Phone: (347) 4349242
Visit Our Website
About US:
Sleep specialists are trained to evaluate individuals for sleep disorders. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, it is important to get treatment. Sleep disorders are usually chronic and may lead to other health complications.
Symptoms of insomnia last longer then four weeks or interfere with your daytime activities and ability to function. You are concerned about waking up many times during the night gasping for breath and are concerned about possible sleep apnea or other medical problems that can disrupt sleep.
Advanced Medical Care is an established practice with over 15 years of experience serving our community and providing highest quality of medical services. “Care” is not just a part of our name, it is in our hearts. Our commitment to do what’s best for our patients is at the core of our practice.
Related Searches:
Sleep clinic| sleep clinic near me| best sleep clinic| affordable sleep clinic| sleep apnea test| sleep apnea treatment| narcolepsy test| narcolepsy treatment| cpap titration| best sleep specialist| sleep center clinic Brooklyn| sleep doctors Brooklyn| Brooklyn| NY.
Additional Details:
Hours: Mon - Fri 9 AM - 6PM.
Payment Type: CC, cash.
Nearby Locations:
Hempstead | Hicksville | Manhattan | Brooklyn | Flemington
11550 | 11801 | 10023 | 11203 | 08822
View other locations where Sleep Doctors Brooklyn has been mentioned online:
GMB Listing
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Open world mafia/mob game that doesn't take you on a murderous rampage like other similar titles!

Open world mafia/mob game that doesn't take you on a murderous rampage like other similar titles!

What an amazing feeling to wake up and find out that your game has made it into the final 100 indieDB games final! We would, first of all, we would like to thank you all for the ongoing support that you have shown us.
For the past 3 years, we have made tremendous progress with the build and an early access date insight of FEB 2021! With an end date in sight, the team is working harder than ever, we have now hired additional help as well to speed the process up. We are now close to the filming stages of our very first in-game trailer which we hope to release just after the New Year with early access being showcased at the same time on Steam.
I thought in this blog we would expand more on where, when and how the side of the game and get some of your answered expanded on! So here are some of the most recent questions that:
What are the most outrageous features you have in the game?
Well... we feel that there are 3 outrages features in the game:
  1. You will be able to visit brothels in the game and have uncensored interaction with its certain employees. If any of you are familiar with the "hot coffee" feature that a certain game offered you will know what we are on about on this one.
  2. There will be a certain area in the game where you will be able to consume a certain white powder which will give you health benefits.
  3. Since the game was in development this was always on our list to do. There will be a certain point in the game where you will need to dispose of a corpse and what a better mob way of doing it than actually cutting the body! We will expand on this in the next few months!

How big is the map?
The early access version of the game will include 2 main "islands" which will differ visually with characteristic neighborhoods representing those parts of the map. Here is the list of areas that we currently have mapped into the game:
Island 1
Ferrers Green (aka Little Italy): A very tightly packed neighborhood that represents tourism, character, and authenticity riddled with restaurants, bars, and souvenir stores but still represents the feeling that it's a close-knit community of Italian-American descent.
Terminal Island: Terminal island is a busy landing point for inbounding container ships. Terminal Island stretches for miles offering key strategic importance for both legal and illegal activities
Flaxley: Is a run-down ghetto looking area that we don't recommend you take a stroll through late at night. With the local architecture of highrises and abandoned buildings, it makes the perfect location for crime to thrive.
Island 2
Harrowfield (aka Downtown): Is a metropolis area that is thriving with the life of rich aristocratic NPC's. The area is mostly filled with skyscrapers, movie studio and a casino that offer an insight where life could take you.
Becken Garden (aka Chinatown): Says it the name Chinatown has been a settlement for Chinese immigrants while it offers an authentic insight into their traditions but the back alleys hide a different side to Becken gardens, Green Dragon gang runs some lucrative rackets including gambling dens, protection and drug distribution. So don't get bitten by the dragon.
Grand point: Is a quiet private gated area that offers both privacy and security. owning property there really concretes in your stance in the high society of New Temperance.
Fordham: Is traditionally known for its Irish-American heritage.
Whiteway beach: It's currently and area of discussion as major development moves in on the abandoned beachfront properties from what was once a thriving boardwalk tourist attraction back in the 1940s it sits now facing the bulldozer! Whiteway beach also has a different side to it, the recent development of New Temperance Airport has bought it a new touch of life to its former past.


Who is Vincent "Vinny" Amato?
Without revealing too much, Vinny is a student at the New Temperance University. As you get to know Vinny more you find out that his family's mob ties are as old as Ferrers Green church, having grown up in the neighborhood under the guidance of his uncle Sonny he took a different route in life. Vinny grew up with the local knuckleheads known locally as the Beacon Hill crew which is made up of local wannabe thugs.
Will you be able to own property?
Oh god yes! We have put in a lot of time to do something different than all the other similar titles. You will have something called the Empire Panel where you will be able to control all your businesses that you have taken over or bought. Last time we counted there was around 30 different types of property, rackets or businesses you can own each offering it's own unique experience.

Is there free roam?
Yes, you will be able to explore the map as much as you like! Will you be able to communicate with the NPC's? Yes, we have been very open to the idea that interaction and realism are used to their full advantage in this game. You will be able to communicate with most NPC's that you meet.



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Probate Richmond County

Address: 49 Adlai Cir ground floor, Staten Island, NY, 10312
Phone: 347-983-0966
Website URL:
About Us
Fact: The probate filing fee typically costs around $350. However, you are looking at around 5 percent of the estate for the whole probate process.
We are a multi-service firm committed to delivering top-tier probate services to private clients and businesses. We can help meet our clients’ probate property needs, regardless of the size of the estate, the location, industry, or the legal matter. Our goal is to make your probate process easy through the provision of a single, coordinated experience.
Our probate property lawyer practices exclusively – probate. The team is fully committed to making your probate journey fast and easy, which means you are in for a seamless experience.
The first question we usually ask ourselves when a client comes into our offices is whether probate is needed. We handle this process in four steps as below:
As a local probate property lawyer, it is ideal that the process is systematic. We try and determine how the property of the decedent was owned at the time of death. Property held in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship, trusts transferred to a trust when the decedent was alive are instances where the beneficiary receives the property regardless of what the will says.
When the property is owned in a contingent plan, then the contingent owner will get the property when the owner passes away. Some of the common properties that have this arrangement are life insurance policies. Normally, the contingent owner gets the property no matter what the will stipulates.
Category: Estate planning attorney
Related Searches
estate planning lawyer| estate planning attorney| estate planning| best estate planning lawyer| best estate planning attorney| probate lawyer| probate attorney| best probate lawyer| best probate attorney| estate planning law specialist| probate law specialist| Staten Island | NY
Nearby Locations
Long Island | The Bronx|Queens|Rochester| Newark
10014 |10458|11365|14611| 14513
Additional Detail:
Hours: 9 am - 9 pm every day
Payment: All cc, cash
View other locations where Probate Richmond County has been mentioned online:
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Probate Queens County

Address: 141-07 20th Ave suite 204, Queens, NY 11357
Phone: 347-960-3551
Website URL:
About US
Probate refers to the distribution of assets supervised by the surrogate court in Queens. Probate exists because once the will-maker passes on, there is no way to change the assets’ titles to the beneficiaries that are entitled to them.
The law that handles probate is found in the Queens probate code. This code contains all the statutes that relate to probate and the probate process.
Besides the Probate Code, the law of handling probate is also found in case of decisions as well as in local court rules. While county courts can use the state Probate Code in Queens, they can also come up with decisions depending on the issue.
Local court rules come on both written and unwritten versions. Most counties will go ahead and come up with local rules at the court clerk’s office. Additionally, each judge has his own rules and policies regarding specific matters. This is why you need to work with Queens probate attorneys that understand the state, local and unwritten rules, and procedures.
Most documents filed with the probate court are prepared on forms. These forms are used across the state. Other forms are created for single-use locally. When you present a probate case to court or a dispute, you will use a fill-in-the-blank or fill-in-the-box format to complete the form. The format forces you to make all the necessary allegations and provide all the facts to the probate court.
As Queens probate attorneys, we have all the skills and expertise to help you assess your case, fill in the forms and file them with the court clerk and make sure everything is working out perfectly.
Category: Estate planning attorney
Related Searches
estate planning lawyer| estate planning attorney| estate planning| best estate planning lawyer| best estate planning attorney| probate lawyer| probate attorney| best probate lawyer| best probate attorney| estate planning law specialist| probate law specialist| Queens| NY
Nearby Locations
Binghamton |Utica|Buffalo|Manhattan|Ithaca
13901 | 13502|14206| 10002 | 14850
Additional Details
Hours: 9 am - 9 pm every day
Payment: All cc, cash
View other locations where Probate Queens County has been mentioned online:
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Lost Niagara Attraction? "Jungleland Golf"

Hey niagara!
After the community's warm response to my history posts here pertaining to Clifton Hill and the amusement industry, I thought I'd come to you all with some information I unearthed about a possible attraction lost to time. I hope now maybe your memories could again help fill some gaps in Niagara's rich amusement history.
I was digging around in the Canadian Trademark Database and found the name of the company that Bob Dunham operated the House of Frankenstein and Castle Dracula locations under. For a quick recap, there was chain of six of these attractions across North America, the first and flagship location of both the House of Frankenstein and Castle Dracula being the Niagara locations. The company he ran these under was called Waxattract, and Niagara artist Derek Costello provided the art, figures and animation for these attractions as well as much more.
In 1979, two years after the sixth and final location in the haunted house chain opened (Castle Dracula in Lake George, NY) Waxattract filed trademarks for "Jungleland Golf" and "Monsterland Golf". Both are listed as "For proposed use in Canada." Just a few months later both trademarks were abandoned. A year after that, Waxattract filed trademarks for a Jules Verne attraction with an animated dog barbershop quartet out front as well as an Arby's franchise. A few months later these trademarks were abandoned as well.
For these attractions to have had names and characters trademarked, they must have been far enough into development that art, business plans and structural drawings were likely already partially developed. That's interesting enough, but the story doesn't end there. I tried googling these attractions to find old news articles announcing upcoming attractions or building permits, but found nothing with the exception of Jungleland. In a 2002 growth plan for the City of Niagara Falls, a section discusses the construction of the parking garage for Fallsview Casino. It reads: "To accommodate parking in the event of a closure of the Allandale parking lot at the discretion of the City of Niagara Falls and/or the Jungleland parking lot." Adding fuel to the mystery, Jungleland Golf is the only of the above trademarks transferred to a new owner and renewed after being abandoned by Waxattract. Its transferred to an Herbert W. Cowan in 1980 and not inactivated until 1996.
I can't find anything on Jungleland Golf on the internet. No brochures, merchandise, postcards, photos or references outside of the 2002 growth plan. It's possible for this reason that the municipal parking lot referenced in the 2002 plan was simply the land that was proposed for Jungleland once upon the time, still being referred to as such by the city despite the attraction never being built, even under the trademark's new owner. It's also possible however that this municipal lot referenced was called such by the city because it used to be the land Jungleland sat on, and that this Herbert Cowan ran the attraction from 1980 to 1996 as the records indicate. Adding merit to the theory the attraction existed is the fact that there is a municipal lot about 100ft from the Fallsview Parking garage at the corner of Main and Fallsview. That would have been directly across the street from the Boris Karloff Wax Museum, which was in the parking lot of the Oakes Hotel.
This is significant because as I'm sure you guessed, The Boris Karloff Wax Museum was run by Bob Dunham/Waxattact. In fact, this too was recently unearthed due to a telegram auctioned off online. The telegram was sending condolences to Boris Karloff's wife after the actor's death in 1969 and was sent from Robert (Bob) Dunham of the Boris Karloff Wax Museum. Since the museum opened roughly a year before this, it seems like he owned it from the beginning, making it both Dunham's first attraction and likely Derek Costello's, pre-dating the House of Frankenstein by a year. If he owned an attraction directly across the street from the possible location of Jungleland, it makes sense he would develop more on empty land there after all the space on Clifton Hill was used up.
After heavy digging, I found 2 aerial shots of that area from the early 90s. What's now the municipal lot indeed has a tree filled area with some small structures around it. The photos are not clear at all being taking from the Skylon tower, and one was taken in the dead of winter under a good 3 feet of snow. This makes it impossible to make out any text, logos or even evidence of a mini golf, but whatever is there looks like it couldn't be much else. Does anyone remember this? It's not to be confused with Jungle Putt on Lundy's Ln. near Typhoon Lagoon, the 80s-era mini golf/arcade/Dairy Queen that was abandoned in early 2010s and eventually burnt. Jungleland would have been near the Seagram/Minolta Tower, specifically directly across from the Oakes Hotel and there between roughly 1980-1996, if it existed. Anybody remember anything?
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[Mod Post] Looking to spread cheer? These care homes have residents who'd be grateful for some mail during lockdown!

The RAoC Mod Team hopes you're staying safe and healthy during these trying times.
Many nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, and similar locations are now on lockdown. This increased isolation can be very hard on residents. We're seeing more card requests here and around the internet, so we've decided to compile a list, and we need your help!
We've got 2 tasks we're asking for your help with:
  1. Send some cheer and support in the form of cards to some of the places on the list! Some tips for content & addressing cards are in the pinned comment below the post.
  2. Check out the social media of or contact a local nursing/assisted living/group/etc. home and ask if they would like to be on the list to receive cards! Get permission to publicly share the address, then fill out our form so we can add it to the list! You'll need a. the name of the place, b. the mailing address, and c. the name and contact information for who gave permission (this will be kept private) or the link to their request on social media.
You're also welcome to put more than one card per envelope to save on postage! Check your country's weight limits per stamp, but then feel free to load them on up to send the most cheer possible!

Places to send cards:

Note, list is not ordered by name or country, but by most recently added to our list. That way, the most recently added are easily found. Check back regularly! Countries are now bolded for visibility.
Skylark Assisted Living
900 Skylark Place
Ashland, OR 97520
More Info: 100 Residents in assisted living and memory care ranging in age from 59-104!
Lake Gibson Village
ATTN: Pen Pals
771 Carpenters Way
Lakeland, FL 33809
Hallmark Healthcare
255 Midland Parkway
Summerville SC, 29485
More info: Please write "Cards for Residents" on the envelopes
72! Addresses available here.
More info: This company has 72 care homes you can send mail to. Also, they give a few ideas of things you can write about!
ATTN: Therese
Cards for Residents
1370 Victory Dr.
South Euclid OH 44121
c/o Jan Hacke for RAoC
The Reserve At North Dallas
12271 Coit Road 2404
Dallas Texas 75251
Extra Info: A RAoC member lives here and wants to share the joy of random happy mail with her fellow residents. The facility has been on lock down since March 12 and will remain on full lock down for the foreseeable future because many residents have additional susceptibility beyond just age. Some live independently, others are in assisted care. However, all are restricted to their rooms, most alone for nearly 23 hours per day. Note: On the outside of the envelope, please write "RAoC" and if there is more than 1 card inside.
Zearing Health Care Center
404 E Garfield St
Zearing IA, 50278
Extra info: Good morning all! If you or your kids need something to do our residents would love some mail. They are really missing contact with the outside world. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your continued thoughts, everyone here is happy, just missing family and friends!!!
Thompson House Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
80 Maple Street
Brattleboro VT 05301
Extra info: Thank You so much! Any corospondance or card will make the world of difference in the lives of the Thompson House residences and will be greeted with appreciation and joy.
The Esplanade
640 Oak Tree Rd.
Palisades, NY 10964
Extra info: Not only can't they have outside visitors, but they're being quarantined to their own apartments, so cards would be very appreciated.
Oak Creek Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation
2316 Springmill Rd.
Kettering, OH 45440
C/O Activities Director
Brighton Gardens of Raleigh
3101 Duraleigh Rd
Raleigh NC 27612
Extra info: A Sunrise Senior Assisted Living with a section for Memory Care, called Reminiscence. There are about 110 residents, and they'd love some cards! They were very excited that we reached out with an offer to add them to this list!
Silver Linings PCH
407 Harvey Street
Stapleton, GA 30823
Extra info: We are a small assisted living facility for seniors and house 11 residents.
Wyoming Veteran
Veterans Home of Wyoming
700 Veterans Lane
Buffalo, WY 82834
Extra info: This home provides food, shelter, and assisted living care to any Wyoming Veteran that needs it, free of charge. They're on lock down and can't leave or have visitors. Many of these Veterans do not have family or friends, so a card could/can help lift their spirits!
Heartis Clear Lake
14520 Highway 3
Webster, TX 77598
Extra info: They'll share cards between all residents, but if you'd like to see if anyone in particular would like a card addressed to them, ask on their facebook link above!
Stadtresidenz im Casino Wetzlar
Bewohner der Junge Pflege
Kalsmuntstrasse 68-74
35578 Wetzlar
Extra info: This is a facility for young people with disabilities. Many of the residents do not understand why their family can't come visit anymore, so any sort of care and outreach would be greatly appreciated!
Retirement Community
Jenner Court: McCarthy & Stone
St George's Rd
GL50 3ER
United Kingdom
Extra Info: Elderly residents who are around 80+ years old. Some of whom have mobility issues or are technologically illiterate, so they wouldn't know how to use social media. The residents very much enjoy playing Rummikub everyday, but due to social distancing, they can't really play anymore. They are no longer allowed visitors, but are still accepting packages, so snail mail communication would brighten them up.
Park House Residential Care Home
Extra info: They provide care for patients with a variety of needs, and are primarily a dementia care home. All you need to do is pick a room number (1 to 21 - no number 13) and send your card to the above address! They say "If you would like a letter or card back from one of our residents, please feel free to include your name and address."
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$PENN insanity

Does anyone else think this is pure insanity how it’s gone up 60% since they did the recent stock and debt offering at $18 per share? If PENN had a clue this would happen they never would have done the offering last week. Their own CEO said they have enough cash on hand now to make it through the year with their burn rate of $83m per month. What he failed to mention, and what is written in their 10-K and 10-Q, is that the $83m burn rate is them operating with only a core of 850 employees, all locations closed, and almost no operating expenses when they typically employ around 25,000. Once casinos open up, with social distancing, they should expect half or less of their usual revenue with leaving every other seat empty. Plus 50% of their revenue comes from the northeast (NJ/NY etc) which will be the last to open! Even if their expenses are also somehow cut in half (even though it’s more likely they’ll be around 75% because of costs not tied to employee salaries) they’ll still be spending significantly more than the “$83m per month” that he was touting. There is no way they make it 6 months without either doing another huge offering of stock and debt OR selling more of their properties to GLPI.
Either way the value goes down. Realistically a fair value for them now is $15 per share at best.
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The Capitalist Fallacy at the Core of the Claim that NY Pays More in Federal Taxes than it Gets Back

It is impossible to discuss politics on Reddit without a mainstream team blue Democrat bringing up the idea that blue states pay more in Federal taxes than they receive in Federal revenue, and that therefore the points made by those in Red States are meaningless.
Which is true, depending how you massage the figures. But it ignores where all that tax revenue they are bragging about comes from. New York State is basically the NYC metro area stapled onto an upstate area the size and makeup of West Virginia. NYC is what makes it a blue state, NYC is what makes it a rich net payor state.
In any given year in NYC, the securities industry amounts to around 22% of wages paid with an average salary of $360,000. Add to that much of the service sectors, healthcare sectors, fashion industry, etc, that exists in NYC primarily to service these securities industry finance Bro desires; and the real estate industry that pushes prices ever higher thanks to those finance bro salaries (though admittedly that would be too much effort to quantify).
Do the math and it becomes obvious: NYC is rich because it's the location of the national casino, drawing capital from the countryside to be swapped, bought, sold, lost and moved around like poker chips; and the house always gets its cut.
New Yorkers declaring that they don't need the rest of you freeloaders is no different from the boss and the accountant at a company declaring that since they make more money at the company than the workers, they are more talented and more important and don't need the workers at all.
Tldr: New York pays more in taxes because of an economic system dependent on the finance industry, which produces little to no human happiness.
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Crazy prediction: COVID-19 will seriously hurt the US standing in the Global Economy

So we know that the American response to COVID-19 has been bad. Competing for the Darwin awards bad. The only first world countries that have a higher per-capita infection rate are Spain, Belgium and Iceland, all of which have a significantly fewer new cases per day today compared to their peak infection rate.
https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 (Click on the countries to the left to see how many new cases are reported compared to the peak)
https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/world/coronavirus-maps.html (Change view to per capita cases)
Evidence of the continued spread in the USA can be seen in the rising of cases outside of NY.
This also takes into account the testing rate, since new deaths are dropping in NY, yet the rest of the countries total deaths remains nearly constant.
https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/new-york-coronavirus-cases.html (scroll down to reported deaths).
https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html (scroll down to reported deaths).
Since there is a lag in data, about 1-2 weeks for new detected cases and 4 weeks for deaths, it means that the non-NY social distancing measures between ~4/10-4/24 were insufficient to control the spread of the virus. With the loosening of state restrictions, it means the R0 number today will be higher than it was in the two weeks of 4/10-4/24, meaning there will be more new infections per day outside of NYC in 1-2 weeks then there are today.
So, what does this mean? The US may "flatten" the curve, but not control the spread of the virus. In other words, the virus will continue to spread for the foreseeable future in an uncontrolled fashion (with an R0 value very close to 1 meaning daily new cases/death counts remain mostly the same). That doesn't necessarily mean there will be another spike in infections (although that is possible).
Why is this? Well, here are the key differences between the USA and (most) other first world countries
  1. Lack national contact tracing program
  2. Insufficient testing - especially for rural communities
  3. Insufficient PPE for hospitals and essential workers
  4. Lack of national quarantine plan
  5. A desire by a minority (~5-10% of the population - anti-vaxxers and the like) to ignore most safety recommendations (masks, no visiting family, etc) - and no repercussions if safety recommendations are ignored
  6. Reopening Super-spreader locations (Churches, factories, and salons) where spread can continue even with
  7. A refusal by top leadership (Trump Administration) to coordinate an international response - Reduces the ability of countries to coordinate responses such as short term travel bans to hotspots, share PPE, share ventilators, share information, etc.
  8. A refusal of top leadership (Trump Administration) to coordinate an national response - Reduces state-by-state differences and leverages the best scientists to create a baseline plan for the country.
  9. Growing partisanship about the response creating a lack of a response (mostly noticeable in mask wearing). This increases the spread as many anti-vaxxer types see wearing a mask/social distancing as a "liberal" issue rather than a "national" issue, meaning the virus spreads more.
There are a lot of big economies (France, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, and Turkey) that have reduced the number of new infections to controllable levels.
https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 (Click on the country in the left pane and click on the daily cases in the bottom right window).
Since the new infection rate is low, that means if they determine a person is infected, they can perform contact tracing on that person, determine who they were in close contact with, and then quarantine everybody who they were in close contact with. This can reduce the number of new infections by a significant amount (I'm guessing reducing the likelihood of another infection by 75% - bringing the R0 value down significantly below 1) without social distancing efforts. There is no indication that the US will have any of this type of capability for at least 3 months. Probably closer to 6. The issue being a lack of national leadership. States may implement this, but many slow states such as Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Kansas may not have the resources or political will to get something like this going quickly.
Okay, so what does all this mean for businesses and stocks and investments.
If you live in one of these countries where new infection rate are low with contact tracing, you are free to go out and spend money without worrying about getting infected. Higher confidence = higher spending. Additionally, these countries are going to be looking to fully re-open their economies (football games, bars, casinos, etc). With that, they'll be stuck between two options. One, keep their economy open to the US and risk a new outbreak (and thus the economic hit) or close their economy to the US and take the economic hit until the US gets the virus under control. Essentially, a travel ban of people traveling from the US (and other countries that don't have the virus under control - Russia, Canada, UK, etc in that list) could be possible.
Another affect of this, which is more important for us, if the US has an uncontrolled spread of the virus, that means factories will be shut down at random (as an outbreak occurs in a factory) in the US for a period of 3-6 months where other country's factories are humming along. With a reduced demand rate, that creates a huge competitive advantage for other countries to provide reliable supply. That means that buyers of products will look for alternative supplies outside of US. This means that big businesses such as GM, BA, F, GE, etc lose long-term market share to competitors in other countries. This can hit other places such as entertainment where no new US movies are produced, and no US sports are produced.
To me, this points to not just a slow L shaped recovery. It means that the GDP of the USA will be lower in 2021-22 than it was in 2019. Other countries (Japan, China, South Korea) could see a full recovery by the beginning of 2021.
Tell me I'm wrong. I really want to know if I'm completely off base here.
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If you’re new to Coronavirus research, start here…

Feb 19, 2020, updated periodically...Unfortunately there’s not just one link you can use to get an estimate of the real numbers of infected, or of the seriousness of this outbreak, and you will have to do some digging of your own. But here are a few points to consider and research for yourself:

The basics

Other reasons why we don't believe the official numbers

What leaked videos and social media posts have shown us has happened in China

A 4-minute quick intro: /CoronavirusFOS/comments/fgk1b9/covid19_deus_ex_coronavirus_clip_compilation/

What else is happening in China

The Unknowns

What's happening outside of China

Supply Chain and Economic Impacts

There’s much more that can be posted here, but that's enough topics to get you started on your own research. I really doubt this is going to be disappearing in a month or two. If any readers have a source or video link etc., or additional points they you'd like me to add, just reply to this message, or send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks for reading!
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