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Of note for Energy names (XLE, XOM, CVX), the IEA, in fitting with EIA, raised its 2020 oil demand outlook, but cut its 2021 view due to the improved outlook this year. However, it noted that risks were skewed to the downside.
Of note for Casino names (CZR, WYNN, LVS) announced it will reopen its Bally’s on Las Vegas Strip on July 23rd. However, Nevada has ordered bars in Clark County, where Las Vegas is, to close on Friday.
Of note for PC names (DELL, HPQ), Worldwide PC shipments rose +2.8% Y/Y in Q2 2020, totalling 64.8 million units, according to preliminary results by Gartner. IDC data reported Q2 20 shipments rose 11.2% Y/Y to 72.3mln units. “Early indicators suggest strong PC shipments for education, enterprise, and consumer, muted somewhat by frozen SMBs,” said Linn Huang, research vice president, Devices and Displays at IDC. “With inventory still back ordered, this goodwill will continue into July. However, as we head deeper into a global recession, the goodwill sentiment will increasingly sour”. Market share: HP (HPQ) 25%, Lenovo 24.1% (LNV GY), Dell Technologies (DELL) 16.6%, Apple (AAPL) 7.7%, Acer Group 6.7%.


Merck & Co. (MRK) Animal Health Unit received FDA approval for its Bravecto Chews for dogs of 8 weeks and older; it is a once a month treatment for fleas and prevention of fleas.
Pfizer Inc. (PFE) - BioNTech (BNTX), who is partnering with Pfizer to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, says they are confident it will be ready to get regulatory approval by year-end; expects to begin Phase 3 trials (N=30,000) by July-end. CEO said several hundred million doses could be produced even before approval, and over 1bln by the end of 2021.

NASDAQ 100 Inc. (AMZN) plans to create at least USD 100mln in stock awards to retain the 900-plus employees of Zoox, the self-driving car startup it offered to buy last month, and can walk away from the deal if large numbers of them turn down job offers from the technology giant; AMZN is aggressively expanding into self-driving technology, announced in June it had agreed to acquire the Silicon Valley company, for USD 1.3bln in cash, which it hopes to close by September.
Facebook, Inc. (FB) – A bug in the Facebook Software Developer Kit (SDK) is causing major third-party iOS apps, like TikTok and Spotify to crash on launch. The SDK enables account logins through Facebook and enable apps to integrate Facebook within the app for analytics and advertisements.
Gilead (GILD) released additional data on remdesivir for COVID-19: was associated with an improvement in clinical recovery and a 62% reduction in risk of mortality; 74.4% of treated patients recovered by day 14 (vs 59% of patients receiving standard of care).

S & P 500

AbbVie Inc. (ABBV) - Allergan announced it received FDA approval for its supplemental Biologics License Application (sBLA) that supports the expanded use of BOTOX for the treatment of spasticity in patients aged two years or older.
Energy Transfer’s (ET) fight to stave off a shutdown of the Dakota Access oil pipeline now heads to a federal appeals court after a district judge rejected a request to freeze an order that operations of the pipeline be halted by August 5th.
Ford Motor (F) announced the 50% staffing restrictions imposed on plants producing car parts in Chihuahua, Mexico is not sustainable, as US plants are running at 100%. The US ambassador to Mexico stated Ford “may have to shut some US car plants as early as next week if they fail to receive Mexico-produced engines”.
Simon Property Group Inc (SPG) and Authentic Brands are considering a bid for retailer Brooks Brothers Group, as is WHP Global, reports WSJ citing sources. The move would be the latest in which property owners are looking to purchase large renters who use their property to keep its business strong. Previously SPG has considered buying bankrupt JC Penney.
Tyson Foods (TSN) is looking towards automated butchers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to WSJ.


Barrick Gold (GOLD) sent a dispute notice to Papua New Guinea over the government’s refusal to extend a mining lease in the Porgera valley.
Cannae Holdings (CNNE) and the Senator Investment group, who are trying to acquire CoreLogic (CLGX), have reportedly hired a proxy solicitor, DF King after CLGX rejected the unsolicited USD 7bln offer.
Express (EXPR) announced 95% of its stores are open and its strategic transformation remains on track, while traffic and sales have steadily improved with e-commerce being positive in June. “Comparable sales for open stores sequentially improved from down over 50% in early May to approximately negative 15% by the third week in June. Traffic also improved, from approximately negative 65% in early May to approximately negative 30% by the third week in June. As COVID-19 cases began to spike in several states in late June, the Company saw declines in both sales and traffic in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas, which were significant enough to impact total results.”
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM) reported double-digit sales growth in June; sales were approximately USD 4bln, +28.8% M/M and +40.8% Y/Y. Revenues for the H1 period were around USD 21bln, +35.2% Y/Y.
Tencent (TCEHY) is in exclusive talks to purchase Hong Kong game developer Leyou Technologies, according to CNBC.
WD-40 (WDFC) Q3 20 (USD): EPS 1.06 (exp. 1.07), revenue 98.2mln (prev. 114mln).

Additional US Equity Stories

Intel Corp. (INTC) has reportedly delayed another major near-term server project, according to SemiAccurate, who reportedly has multiple sources confirming this new delay and none are optimistic about the new schedule.
Gilead (GILD) Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb says the Gilead (GILD) remdesivir data is very encouraging but needs to be confirmed in a prospective trial.
United Airlines (UAL) reached a deal with a pilot union representing 13,000 employees regarding voluntary furloughs and early retirements.
Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) had a PT upgrade at Rosenblatt Securities to USD 500 from USD 400, noting a secular shift into data-processing units and the co.’s entrance into new markets will drive revenue growth for the co.
Carnival Corp. (CCL) preliminary EPS USD -6.07, Adj. EPS -3.30, revenue 740mln (prev. 4.84bln); expects future capacity to be moderated by phased re-entry of its ships, sold one ship in June, has agreements for the disposal of five ships. In total 13 ships expected to leave fleet represent a 9% reduction in current capacity. Reduced operating costs by over USD 7 billion on an annualized basis and reduced capital expenditures also by more than USD 5 billion over the next 18 months. H2 monthly average cash burn expected at USD ~650mln. The company currently expects only five of the nine ships originally scheduled for delivery in fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021 will be delivered prior to the end of fiscal year 2021.
Apple Inc. (AAPL) ‌Apple Silicon‌ 13.3-inch ‌MacBook Pro‌ to go into mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, but also now predicts we will see an Arm-based
American Airlines (AAL) has threatened to cancel some Boeing (BA) 737Max orders, a sign of deepening financial stress in the aviation industry.
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26 [M4F] Anywhere/New England - I'd make a pretty cool boyfriend tbqh famalamalam ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

I'm honestly just exhausted with Tinder and the caliber of people I've met on there. I'm not a "hooker-upper" or anything but I'm not a prude either. I just like getting to know someone as deeply as I can and having conversations with them that will leave both of us with goosebumps every time. I want to talk to someone that loves film/cinema/weird music/literature/philosophy as much as I do and share my favorite scenes, songs, genres, books, quotes, thoughts, etc. with them and have them share with me in turn. I want to talk about what something truly means and have a companion that actually comprehends the importance of figuring that out. I'm a romanticist I guess (in that classical, 19th century French Revolution kind of way). I'm sensible though really, I just prefer that sort of attitude towards life and I want someone who appreciates that and likes that. And I want to appreciate what you're about too. I want to take you mall-walking and buy you a long sleeve dress in your favorite color and spend the rest of the day kissing you behind the Zumiez while people pass us by. I want to drive down to Boston with you and visit the cobble-stone streets and tell each other our deepest secret that we wouldn't let anyone else know as we explore the city. I want to go on a fishing trip with you and make love in the bed of a pick up truck after saving your life from a bear attack. I want to take you flying with me and see the coast line or a mountain range from a different perspective. I want to go on an adventure with you to Vegas and try to sneak onto Area 51 or hunt for UFOs after we fleece the casino for all their worth at the Blackjack table. I'll buy you some sparkly diamond studded heels with all the money we win, and we'll get matching tattoos to remember the whole ordeal by.
I just want a life with someone, and I don't care how far away you are or what you've suffered in life because I've suffered too. The only good bit of relationship advice I've ever gotten from anyone was from my grandmother. In fact, my grandparents are the only couple I know of in my life that had a 54 year long marriage without any separations or anything dysfunctional about them. When my mom tried leaving my dad (which is a whole entire story), and she was falling back into the emotionally abusive trap he had created in her head, my grandma looked at me and said "Marriage is about making life easier on each other. And your dad ain't about doing that for her in any way. It's all about him." And that's always stuck with me. I just want to make it easier on you if you'd let me. And maybe in the process you'd end up making life easier on me.
My favorite director is Tarantino, and my favorite genre of music (as of late) is vaporwave (plus a bunch of eclectic stuff). I'm currently addicted to different renditions of Plastic Love, Vector Graphics - Destine, and Saint Pepsi - Private Caller. PM me and tell me what you're addicted to musically, or talk to me about something that's really captured your imagination or your emotions lately.
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノraise your dongers babeヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (I know it's a League meme but no I don't play League)
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Places to drink after 2/3am - city centre

Heading to manchester on Friday for WHP and my first train home is at 4.40am - is there anywhere worth going to drink around 2/3am when I'm bored of pilled up students and Caribou has finished?
Not thinking another club - somewhere to sit down, enjoy a couple of decent ales before the train.
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Help me plan my XC! CNO-IFP

Help me plan my XC! CNO-IFP
Hi All,

I recently joined this wonderful community and it keeps me entertained at work. Little back ground, I'm a PPL based in Central America with abut 500~ hours, mainly on 182's, 172's and an Ovation II. Never cared for getting a CPL as I didn't want do it as a job (not just now) or an IR since well, here when you're flying IFR it's because you're bang in the middle of the storm in a CB, so no flying in that. I did do all of my IFR training and put it into use in VFR (ILS Approaches, in the clouds dual with Instructor etc) but never cared for the check ride since there isn't IFR here anyway.

In 2013 right after I got my PPL I went back to my home in LA (I was born in LA but lived most of my life down here) and flew from WHP-SBA XC and WHP-IFP XC solo for recreation (i guess).

In November I'm back in the area and I'm renting an Arrow out of CNO to fly to IFP and if the weather is good Vegas and back. I'm planning on a early start (6am ish) and back by 5PM, only going for lunch and a walk and back.

I don't necessarily have to go to IFP, but it's a good place with casino's to visit, a good walk at the riverfront and a couple of airports along the way I could do a low pass at or visit.

Here's my current routing outbound:

PDZ-HEC-GFS at 9500. Keeps me clear of terrain and away from MOAs. I can transition through Ontario or swivel around near RAL and RIV class C and then fly over SBD's Delta. I'm planning on asking for flight following out of CNO, so if I accomplish that then I'll just fly through ONT direct HEC and fly near Hesperia so I can do a smooth climb out.

Alternative for even more flight seeing:

PDZ-TNP-PKE-HII-EED DCT IFP. This would take me through Turtle MOA and if I have Flight Following then I should be fine at 9500 and if not then I'll call in on LA Center on .15 and talk to them. I guess the question is how much scenic is it? Is it better than just desert on my original routing?

Return leg:
This is the fun part, I can boringly take off from IFP and do the reverse home (GFS-HEC, DCT) or I can do the following:

Take off from IFP towards 1L4. I can't legally land with the rental at a non asphalt airstrip but I'd like to do a fly over. Since it's a fly in community I doubt they'll let me do a low approach but I'll call in and ask. After that, land at 1L3, and take off again. Don't judge me, these are all airstrips I saw when I was a kid and we would drive to Laughlin and Vegas. These were road trips in the days before GPS. After this I've thought about flying over Hoover Dam, but put off by the amount of Helicopter traffic I would expect there to be, so if you feel it's doable, encourage me. After this ideally I would like to fly over to HND but not land there, and do the numbers transition over LAS that they've mentioned a couple of times here which I've seen and understand several times. After the numbers transition, low approach into VGT, then ask for the rocks transition out towards Jean dct DAG and bring it in home.

I'm thinking about 5-6 hours flying time total which is a bit tiring but doable with a few stop overs. We can stop at DAG on the way back if we need a pee break or something to drink eat. For the return I'm thinking 10.5k so I can be in radar coverage and get flight following back to CNO. Not a fan of switching between RCO's and self announcing specially coming into the LA basin.

Sorry for the lack of imagery, but here's what it would potentially look like:

Feel free to suggest other destinations. I'm doing Avalon after my rental check out, so that's one of the list. But happy to listen to other destinations or suggestions. I'll have Foreflight on 4 devices, ADS-B out and in and a back up GPS.

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James Brown Casino- Who's This Guy, Who's This Guy? - YouTube Pima Express Live at WHP Hotel and Casino (johnny cash ... Pima Express Live at WHP Hotel and Casino (always be your ... Pima Express Live at WHP Hotel and Casino (spinning chicken) Edwin Louis vs Collin Dunkley Rage in the Cage WHP Casino

Das NetBet Online Casino bietet 1500+ Slots, Blackjack, Roulette und tolle Bonusangebote! Willkommensbonus von bis zu 200€ und 10 Gratis Spins ! ist zwar kein eigenständiges virtuelles Casino, steht aber dennoch allen Lesern bei Fragen rund ums Thema Casinos, Spiele und Co. zur Verfügung. Der persönliche Kontakt dient in erster Linie dazu, mit Vorurteilen aufzuräumen und Interessenten den besten Weg zu sicherem Spielvergnügen aufzuzeigen. Wir wünschen schon jetzt viel Spaß beim Ausprobieren neuer Slots und ... Von Casino-Klassikern wie Blackjack und Baccarat bis hin zu ultra-modernen Videoslots wie Vikings go to Hell oder Rich Wilde and the Book of the Dead – bei bwin Casino kommt einfach jeder auf seine Kosten! Darüber hinaus erwarten Sie bei bwin Online Casino mehr als 70 lukrative Jackpot-Slots, die an exklusive, progressiv anwachsende Preispools angeschlossen sind. Gleichzeitig fügen wir ... A Pennsylvania casino shut down temporarily, some Las Vegas casinos closed their buffets and the Hard Rock chain canceled live entertainment at all of its U. S. properties for at least a month as ... Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino WILD HORSE PASS 5040 Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226 The Box Office is temporarily closed Phone:... Read More . See all events May 7. Larry the Cable Guy. WILD HORSE PASS 5040 Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226 The Box Office is temporarily closed Phone:... Read More . See all events Jun 6. Jo Dee Messina. WILD HORSE PASS 5040 Wild Horse Pass Blvd ... Online Casino Roulette bietet sicher nicht eine so reale Atmosphäre wie der Besuch lokaler Spielbanken. Dafür gibt es hier eben auch die Möglichkeit, Roulette gratis zu spielen – und das rund um die Uhr. Im Gegensatz dazu müssen sich Spieler im landbasierten Casino an Schließungszeiten sowie eine strenge Kleiderordnung halten. Roulette kostenlos spielen ohne Anmeldung ist in immer mehr ... Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino: NO FUN AT WHP CASINO, STAY FAR AWAY - See 744 traveler reviews, 281 candid photos, and great deals for Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino at Tripadvisor. Casino Guru erblickte das Licht der Welt, als sich zwei in der Glücksspielbranche angestellte Programmierer dazu entschieden hatten, die beste und umfangreichste Casino-Bewertungsseite zu erstellen. Und um dieses Vorhaben auch zu verwirklichen, mussten ausschließlich Glücksspielexperten und Vollprofis in das Projekt eingebunden werden. Kurz gesagt: Wir wissen wirklich, wie Glücksspiele ... Gila River Hotels & Casinos - Wild Horse Pass. For a peaceful getaway that puts every modern luxury at your fingertips, Gila River Hotels & Casinos - Wild Horse Pass is your dream destination just south of Phoenix, AZ. With elegantly appointed rooms, seven delicious restaurants, and easy access to outdoor activities, shopping, gaming, and nightlife, this hotel is guaranteed to please. Casino Köln, mit EM2N Architekten: 2016: 2. Preis: Neubau Ostgebäude auf der Liegenschaft des Bundesgerichtshofs (BGH), mit Bez + Kock Architekten, Stuttgart: 2016: 3. Preis: Umbau und Erweiterung Alterszentrum Bühli in Ennenda, mit ds.architekten eth sia, Basel, Bern: 2016: 4. Preis: Neubau Labor- und Bürogebäude ETH Zürich, Areal Hönggerberg in Zürich, mit Caesar Zumthor Architekten ...

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James Brown "The Workin Man" tribute at WHP Casino - YouTube

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Best part from Casino Edwin Louis out of Boxing Inc East vs Collin Dunkley from Don Hinzman's Tiger Pit at Rage in the Cage at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Pima Express Live at WHP Hotel and Casino (spinning chicken) YouTube Pima Express Live at WHP Hotel and Casino (hearts on fire) - Duration: 3:36. 520gijoe 4,341 views